Top Quality European Great Danes

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you enjoyed checking out our Danes, our four legged kids. If you want to reach us the best way is by e-mail. If I don't respond with-in 24-36 hours please try again as sometimes e-mails don't go through or end up in my spam, which unfortunately I don't think to check very often. You are welcome to e-mail me at If you'd like to talk in person I don't mind at all, but my time is precious and limited split between 2 and 4 legged kids please e-mail me first and if there are more details you'd like to talk about in person I will send you my number.                         


                                                                   A few things I'd like to answer as the questions have become more common.

   Q? How can I pay for my puppy?

    A: All deposits are nonrefundable and we only accept cash or paypal (please remember to add the 3% paypal fee) as final payment. We will not accept checks, personal or cashier unless they have at least two weeks to clear.

   Q? Will you drive to bring me my puppy and/or is shipping included?

    A: Buyer is responsible for transporting and shipping cost. If buyer lives over 3 hours away, we will drive one hour in any direction to meet. Shipping costs for an airline/ground transport can vary so they will be quoted on a case to case basis. (All shipping air or ground has to include a health certificate that costs $60.)

   Q? What is limited vs full registration?

   A: Limited means that the dog is not to be used for breeding purposes and limited AKC papers can be supplied once I have proof of spay or neuter. Full registration will be allowed on only certain puppies to responsible breeding homes. This gives the buyer the ability to breed their dog or have full show rights as well to take them to AKC shows/events. If you have never bred before please understand that it is a huge responsibility as well as time-consuming and financially... very expensive... so do your research and be sure you are ready before you ask a breeder for full registration. A good breeder will also be happy to help with any questions or concerns you have about breeding one of their dogs.

   Q? Can I try out a puppy or dog for a week or so to be sure that it's what we want.

   A: Sorry, this is not a good idea. There are so many things that can go wrong when a puppy or dog is on a trial basis. They could pick up any disease and bring it back to the breeder which could cause illness to the rest of the breeder's dogs. The puppy/dog could learn bad habits or get hurt and the breeder can't be responsible for trying to correct the problem someone else created. It could also cause separation anxiety and confuse and stress the puppy/dog and so we do NOT allow it. If you can't keep your puppy/dog we will take it back and find it a new home, refunds. This is why it is so important you be sure you know what to expect from a Dane and be sure they will fit your lifestyle. Look up info on the net about them and if possible talk to people you know who own one.  

    Q? If I have questions after I get my puppy home can I contact you.

    A: Of course!! Please feel free to ask me anything you are concrened about. We want the best for our puppies and their owners. We are not veterinarians so our answer may have to be to check with your vet but if we can help we will.

     Q? Have the puppies been well socialized?

     A: We believe it is extremely important for our puppies to be socailized from a very young age. We do not have cats nor farm animals but we do have them around people, especailly young children, before they can even walk. We are very careful with them at that age but we want them to be used to daily handling and we believe it makes them more prepared for their new homes and being the best pets/family members possible. We can't stress enough the importance of the role you play when you get a new Dane puppy. They must be trained as early as possible so that they don't get too large to handle and have no manners. A properly trained Dane can be the best investment  and friend you ever had. (But, the Dane is only as good as his owner has taught him to be.)

  *** If you would like some references of some of our past puppy buyers so you can know what to expect from one of our babies... just ask, I am very proud of the puppies I have bred and not ashamed to let them speak for me! Also if I don't have what you are looking for I would be happy to find you a great breeder that does. (There is a limited supply of honest breeders out there, sad but true.)