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I love my little puppy; she makes my house a home.
She is my very sweetest little friend; I never feel alone.
She makes me smile; She makes me laugh; She fills my heart with love . . .
Did some person breed her, or did she fall from above?

I've never been a breeder, never seen life through their eyes;
I hold my little puppy and just sit and criticize.
I've never known their anguish; I've never felt their pain,
the caring of their charges, through snow or wind or rain.

I've never waited the whole night through for babies to be born,
The stress and trepidation when they're still not there by morn.
The weight of responsibility for this body in my hands,
This darling little baby, who weighs but 60 grams.

Should you do that instead of this . . . or maybe that was wrong?
Alone you fight and hope, one day, he'll grow up proud and strong.
You pray he'll live to bring great joy to someone else's home.
You know it's all just up to you; you'll fight this fight alone.

Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right,
two-hour feedings for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.
Within your heart you dread that you will surely lose this fight,
To save this little baby, but God willing . . . you just MIGHT.

Day one; he's in there fighting; you say a silent prayer.
Day two & three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care.
Day four & five . . . he's still alive; your hopes soar to the heavens.
Day six he slips away again, dies in your hands, day seven.

You take this little angel, and bury him alone.
With aching heart and burning tears, and an exhausted groan,
You ask yourself, "Why do this? . . . Why suffer through this pain?"
Yet watch the joy your puppies bring, and everything's explained.

So, when you think of breeders and label them with "Greed,"
Think of all that they endure to fill another's need.
For when you buy your puppy, with your precious dollars part,
You only pay with money . . . while they pay with all their heart.

.... Author Unknown....

Sarge was only with us for a short time. He was an amazing boy and we couldn't bring ourselves to part with him. He had the type of personality that just wins you over in a minute. He was turning out to be a big boy at around 95 pounds and only 5 1/2 months old! He was being watched by my father at his home and just got too close to the road. We are so saddened by his life being over far too soon. It's so tough to have the void left by such a great puppy. We miss you sweet boy.  March 11 2012 to August 27 2012. (Not long enough.) This picture was taken at just under 16 weeks old and honestly does him no justice, he was a sight to behold in person.

Captain  My first stud, a half euro boy from Creeks in Michigan. He was such and amazing sire and my best friend. I miss him dearly! He always gave me such beautiful pups


A breeder is one who thirsts for knowledge and never really knows it all and doesn't pretend she does... One who wrestles with decisions of conscience, convenience and commitment...

A Breeder is one who sacrifices personal interests, finances, time, fancy furniture and deep pile carpeting. She gives up the dreams of a long, luxurious vacation in favor of turning that spare room into a wonderful puppy room... besides, who would watch the dogs while she was gone.

She goes without sleep (but never without coffee!) in hours spent planning a breeding or watching anxiously over the birth process and afterwards, over every little sneeze, wiggle or cry...

She skips dinner parties because that litter is due or the babies have to be fed at eight...

She disregards birth fluids and does mouth to mouth to save a gasping new-born, literally blowing life into a tiny, helpless creature that she knows will fulfill someone's dreams...

Her lap is a marvelous place where generations of happy, healthy and much adored fur-babies have snoozed... And still do...

Her hands are strong and firm, but ever so gentle and sensitive to the thrusts of a puppy's wet nose...

Her back and knees are usually arthritic from stooping, bending and sitting in the birthing box, but are strong enough to enable her to play on the floor with that rascally bunch at 5 weeks old...

Her shoulders are stooped and often heaped with abuse from unkind words of those who don't understand, but they're wide enough to support the weight of a thousand "Thank You!" from happy new families...

Her arms are always able to wield a mop, support an armful of puppies or lend a helping hand to a newcomer...but can't hold grudges or hold onto unpleasant ridicule...

Her ears are wondrous things, sometimes red (from being talked about) or strangely shaped (from being pressed against a phone receiver,) yet always fine-tuned to the whimper of a sick puppy or the distant rain that urges her to get the fur-babies in from the upcoming bad weather...

Her eyes may be blurred from Pedigree Research, but they are ever so keen to what a healthy happy puppy looks and acts like...

Her brain is sometimes foggy on faces, but it can recall how many were in a litter four years ago that produced a certain puppy... It's so full of knowledge that it sometimes blows a fuse: it catalogues thousands of colors, sizes and perfect temperaments...

Her heart is sometimes broken but it beats strongly with hope everlasting...and it's always in the right place!

Oh, yes, there are Breeders, and then, there are BREEDERS!




Katie was not bred by me but she was with us for a short amount of time and we loved her. I took very good care of her but ultimately decided we had to sell her due to our "surprise" baby on the way. Tammy Hamrick of Hamrickdanes took her along with her "sister" Princess whom I raised from a baby and was an awesome girl. Princess had to be spayed shortly after Tammy aquired her due to an infection caused by an A.I. that went bad, and so later Tammy told me she passed. It broke my heart. Only to find out Tammy was a liar and Princess was sold as a pet without papers b/c I never handed them over. She never paid for either of these girls and now Katie has met an untimely death due to Tammy's irresponsibilty. I have watched as she has cheated one person after another out of their Great Danes. She ALWAYS gets them for free with promises of payments or puppies back (right), like Lexi, Katie, and Princess. But in the end she's just a liar and a cheat. Please be VERY careful who you do business with. Tammy has tried to smear my good name b/c she doesn't want to take the blame but just so you know Tammy, the truth will come out, I have your e-mails, and even recorded phone conversations to prove what a liar you are. I know not everyone will see this but if one person is saved from dealing with you b/c of this post.... it's soooooo worth it. 



      This is Princess, named by my oldest daughter and what a "princess" she was!! She took claim to our rocking chair as a puppy and that's where you'd find her if she was napping or just taking a break from the kids. :) Sadly she too was stolen from us by Tammy Hamrick, but as far as we know she is being loved and cared for by a family that Tammy found to sell her to. We are happy to know she is a loved family member, especailly after thinking for a year or more that she was dead. Thanks so much Tammy, we are more at peace now knowing none of our dogs reside with you.