Top Quality European Great Danes

This page is to help bring awareness to other breeders and buyers alike. It is not meant to cause or bring drama, it is meant to help others learn from my mistake... which was trusting these people.

We are unfortunate to have to share our beloved profession with people who are not in it for the right reasons and do not treat their buyers or colleagues with the respect they deserve. I believe if we all share for some of the more serious offenders, eventually the word will spread and maybe some of us will be spared the bad fortune of having to deal with these trouble makers and liars, theives and scammers.

      This is my personal list of people I have dealt with who have lied to me or cheated or stole from me. I don't have the space to give each one their dues but would be happy to discuss it with you if need be. If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing. I obviously give them two thumbs down! 

My list: These are people you couldn't pay me to work with again.

MOST RECENT: Christy Clark (now from Santa Cruz, CA. ) bought a Dane from me. Her call name "Ryleigh", but her registered name is Blue Spring's Dane's Chaos and Harmony. I bought her hoping she would be an asset to my program but after she had 2 litters here she had not produced what I was looking for, so Christy told me she wanted her. I felt it was safe, after all she was a vet tech, lol!!! Part of our deal/contract was that she give her a one year break. Not only has she not given her a break but the poor baby has not stopped having pups since she left my possession. As of 2/16/17... she's had at least 4 more if not 5 more litters... that's 6 to 7 litters, without a break. WHO DOES THAT??? HORRIBLE BREEDERS DO THAT!! I only hope I spread the word so she doesn't profit one more dime so the poor girl can have peace. 

#1)Brant Panter aka Bama Danes, from Alabama

#2) Bonnie Cowan (Myths and Legends)... Bonnie works with her daughter Lisa whom she blames for stealing my dog... but my contract was with Bonnie. Iowa

#3) Tammy Hamrick (Hamrick Danes) North Carolina

#4) Kim Jones (Dreamworks Danes/ Sand Plum Thicket/ Has changed her names so many times so it may be difficult to recognize her... think she's now Dogue Divins) Oklahoma

#5)Jessica Cody (Carmel Ridge) Indiana

  #6) Christie Clark from Santa Cruz, California

     She has just made the top of the list. She purchased an adult from me two years ago and agreed to give Ryleigh a break since she had already had two litters. She has now bred her back to back 4 consecutive times... so that's 6 times this dog has been bred with NO rest!! Very abusive in my opinion. She's not a puppy factory!!


There are always two sides to every story so don't believe everything you're told... but I have emails to backup everything I will say about these breeders. None of them have paid me for the dogs they stole. I do not have to slander anyone's name b/c by definition the truth is not slander.

I feel sad that I had to construct this page at all but I feel we should all look out for each other, the honest breeders trying to better the Dane breed, not steal from those that are too trusting.